Trang chủ 14. Test - Economics - No 10

Gross national product is the sum of the buy price of all

When the Keynesian aggregate expenditure model is presented graphically, the marginal propensity to consume is the

According to the Keynesian model, equilibrium and full employment

If an economy operating in the Keynesian range of its SRAS has a marginal propensity to consume of 2/3 and the government wants to boost real output by $300 billion, by how much should it increase autonomous expenditure?

A nation has been running a current account trade deficit for each of the last ten years. Which is unlikely to be true about this nation's economy?

Which of the following conditions would be necessary for spending cuts to be an effective fiscal policy measure? I. Government debt high enough to be negatively impacting interest rates II. The cuts eliminate economically wasteful government programs III. The legislation can be enacted and implemented well in advance of particularly high inflation. IV. Inflation is currently abnormally high

Which one of the following persons would be considered employed?

According to the Keynesian model, which of the following policies would be most appropriate during a period of rapid inflation?

In a Keynesian economy, if the equilibrium output is less than that at full employment:

Congress passes a law that requires government spending rise each year by exactly the inflation rate. The year the law was passed the budget was balanced, inflation was moderate, and unemployment was at the natural rate. Assuming tax policy remains constant, which of the following statements would be true?

A country's gross domestic product will most likely exceed its gross national product when

The natural unemployment rate is the unemployment rate that

The impact of expansionary macropolicy usually will

Which of the following is/are components of M2 money supply? I. M1 supply. II. M3 supply. III. Overnight Eurodollar deposits. IV. Small denomination money market mutual funds.

Which of the following will increase investment?

A country like Kuwait, which has substantial income from investments abroad, will generally have

Which of the following explains why a $100 million reduction in investment spending might decrease equilibrium output by more than $100 million?

Which of the following is NOT a part of the modern view of Keynesian theory?

"Last month new highs were reached both in industrial employment and industrial wages. Unemployment is at its lowest mark in years, only slightly over 4 percent of the workforce. The latest monthly report on the cost of living indicated that prices were rising at an annual rate of 16.8 percent, slightly higher than the average increase for the past eight months." According to the Keynesian view, which of the following policies would be most appropriate under these circumstances?

If consumption equals 1,100 when disposable income is 1,200 and increases to 1,400 when disposable income goes to 1,600, what are the marginal propensities to consume and to save?