Trang chủ 4. Test - Banking - No 4

The fiscal deficit in 2001-2002 was ---% of GDP

Indian Companies have been allowed to invest upto US$ ---abroad

Under the Banking Ombudsman scheme the value of claim should not exceed

At what frequency can Banks pay interest on Saving Bank Account as per RBI guidelines

Who can fix the interest rates of NRE & FCNB deposits ?

The following is not a housing finance intermediary agency

Bank can change interest rate without reference to its PLR in the following

The maximum penal rate of interest that can be charged is restricted to

Banks can change rate of interest beyond spread announced by them on advances granted to

To which category of customers are banks prohibited to sanction loans against shares and debentures?

Which kind of bills should not be discounted by banks as per RBI regulation ?

What should be the method of valuation for advances against shares/debentures / bonds ?

What action is taken if one of the customers tenders forged note ?

A contract of insurance is a contract of

Restriction on number of partners in a firm is imposed by

The certificate to commence business is to be called for perusal and returned for opening of an account of

Which of the following is not a measure of the profitability of the branch?

Where is the headquarters of SWIFT ?

The VSAT communication network for banks and financial institutions launched

by RBI is known as

Consortium Advances refer to