Trang chủ 3. Test - Banking - No 3

Which Bank has introduced ?Pre-paid Card? first

What is USGAAP

For Business process re-engineering and IT strategy which bank has employed? Gartner?

What is the average percentage of Banking transactions through non- branch route in private sector Banks

The C D Ratio of all schedule commercial Banks as on June 2003 stood at

Recently ICICI issued winding up notice to the following financial institutions

The Gross NPA percentage of the following country is highest in Asia

The gross amount of NPA of Public Sector Banks as on 31.03.03 is

How many foreign Banks are operating in India

To be categorized as a schedule Bank the minimum capital & reserve required is

NRE deposit rates have been recently lowered to

The objective of Government to appoint Narsimhan Committee is

Which Bank has recently tied up with Apollo Hospital for financing medical facilities

The three banks recently have entered in a Mega ATM sharing pact. They are

Who is authorised to issue coin in India

The minimum Capital Adequacy Ratio currently fixed by RBI for Banks is

The full form of RBS is

RBI has recently permitted which Bank to participate in the Government Securities Repo Market

Second Basle Accord is proposed to be implemented in the year

The ceiling for Bank's daily borrowings in Call Money should not exceed---% of owned funds