Trang chủ 12. Test - Economics - No 8

Which of the following will increase private consumption (that is, cause the Keynesian consumption schedule to shift upward)?

If consumers generally expected inflation to rise, how would this impact their decision making?

Congress passes a new spending bill that will require a future increase in government borrowing. In terms of fiscal policy-related effects, put the following in order of causation: I. The quantity supplied increases II. The aggregate demand curve shifts to the right III. Interest rates increase IV. Unemployment falls V. The price level increases

To assume that private investment is autonomous is to assume that it

The cost of holding money balances increases when the

In the Keynesian model, the major determinant of consumption expenditures is

The crowding out effect:

Keynesian analysis implies that a planned budget deficit is

Too many dollars chasing too few goods defines

Suppose the Fed purchases $150 million of U.S. securities from the public. The reserve requirement is 20 percent and all banks have zero excess reserves. A few weeks after the Fed buys securities, the impact of this action on the money supply, assuming there are no leakages in the system (excess reserves remain at zero), is a

Which of the following statements are true?

An advantage of the AD/AS model is that it

In the planned aggregate expenditure model, imports will increase and net exports will decline when

Economists who stress the store of value function of money argue that M1 is

The empirical evidence indicates that during an economic boom

Which of the following developments will most likely lead to an increase in the money velocity?

In the Keynesian aggregate expenditure model, inflation

The value (purchasing power) of each unit of money

An individual should continue to spend time searching for a job as long as

Suppose the money supply is held constant by the Fed. If wages and prices increase, the money interest rate will ________.