Trang chủ 16. Test - Economics - No 12

Which of the following will decrease consumption (that is, cause the Keynesian consumption schedule to shift downward)?

According to the Keynesian view, which of the following will most likely occur as the result of an autonomous decrease of $10 billion in investment?

The Keynesian view of the business cycle suggests that

A commercial bank has $1,000,000 of outstanding demand deposits and actual reserves of $300,000. If the reserve ratio is 20 percent, what is the maximum amount of new loans the bank can extend?

Most modern economists agree that

If the inflation rate is 5%, how much will a basket of goods that currently costs $25 cost in 10 years?

If the Fed is maintaining a constant growth in money supply of 5% when the inflation rate is 3% and the growth rate of real output is 8%, the growth rate of the velocity of money equals ________.

If many people were to suddenly deposit into their checking accounts large sums of cash previously held in their homes and/or wallets and there are no offsetting actions by the Fed or change in institutional policies, this would

Which of the following is most likely to be used in a fiscal policy as a variable in controlling the economy?

Congress passes a tax cut with no corresponding cut in government spending. In terms of fiscal policy-related effects, put the following in order of causation: I. The quantity supplied increases II. The aggregate demand curve shifts to the right III. Disposable income increases IV. Unemployment falls V. The price level increases

Highly variable inflation has which of the following effect?

Economic theory suggests that frictional unemployment would

An autoworkers union is negotiating a contract for a group of assembly plant workers. Management is willing to increase wages substantially, but wants cost-certainty over the next several years. Management proposes a ten-year contract where workers receive an initial 15% raise, and then 3% raises each year thereafter. Which of the following factors is most likely to prevent the union from accepting this offer? I. Inflation may be greater than 3% annually over the next ten years II. Unions are typically more interested in worker safety and job security than wages III. The long-term nature of this contract would diminish the union's power

In the planned aggregate expenditure model, imports will increase and net exports will decline when

Assume the reserve requirement is 10 percent. First National Bank has cash and deposits with the Fed of $35 million, loans and securities of $50 million and demand deposits of $300 million. First National is in a position to make

According to monetarists, which of the following would most likely eliminate inflation?

Which of the following is a danger of inflation?

Which of the following factors determine whether or not an increase in the money supply will cause an increase in real GDP? I. The level of capacity utilization II. The degree to which the increase is anticipated by producers III. Whether the change in money supply causes inflation or not

Which of the following will most likely reduce the natural unemployment?

Use the table below to answer the following question.    

Income (Dollars) Consumption (Dollars)
60,000 58,000
66,000 62,000

What is the marginal propensity to consume?