Trang chủ 2. Test - Banking - No 2

Pari Passu charge refers to a charge

NABARD refinance for financing Self Help Groups is to the extent of

The term ?Allonge? refers to

The provision of Consumer Protection Act, 1986 are applicable to the services rendered by the Banks

As per section 16 of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 a person can be appointed as a director of how many banking companies

Nayak Committee Recommendations are applicable for sanction of Fund Based Working Capital Limit upto

What are the four categories as per Kapur Committee recommendations for loan applications under SSI segment

The code of Fair Banking Practice ?Towards Excellence? and general terms and conditions of service came into effect from

Banking ombudsman means

NGO is the term associated with

Member of? Credit Information Bureau of India Ltd.? Are

Full form of SLR

C.R.A. is banking parlance stands for

E.P.S. in share market stands for

Who is the Governor of RBI

The Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Asset and enforce of Security Interest Act came into force from

The powers of the Board of Directors to borrow from the bank are mentioned in

The currency? Euro? has been introduced w.e.f.

Which Bank is ranked 7th India Company in the ET 2003 for listing as per market capitalization?

Who is authorised to permit premature closer of PPF A/c