Trang chủ 1. Test - Banking - No 1

What is CRR?

Interest rates? being charged by Banks in India has shown ------- trend in recent year.

The first development financial institution in India that has got merged with a bank is

Who is the chairman of Pension Fund Committee?

Which of the following NBFC converted itself into a commercial Bank?

Which is the current revision & year of UCPDC?

The rate of which discounting the bills of first class banks is done by RBI is called

Banking ombudsman has been constituted under which act?

Which finance company has been given banking licence recently

Gilt edged securities refer to

A unit of the Unit Trust of India is a

Indian Banks Association (IBA) has a common net working system for sharing the ATM facilities in Mumbai, which is known as

The present rate of SLR & CRR are

Arbitrage is

The Basic Travelling quota for going abroad is

E E F C denotes

For which of the following currencies is the Indian rupee quoted against 100 units of the foreign currency

Exchange risk in case of foreign currency Non Resident (Banks) scheme (FCNB) is borne by

Which of these is not a credit rating agency?

Consortium Advances refer to