Trang chủ 9. Test - Economics - No 5

When an economy operates well below its full-employment capacity and the marginal propensity to consume is 3/4, a $20 billion increase in autonomous investment will cause the equilibrium income to rise

Government borrowing to fund current spending tends to cause _________ to rise. Subsequently, the local currency will _________ causing the trade deficit to rise.

The relationship between inflation and unemployment rate is known as:

The GDP measures:

A bank has deposits of $23 billion and reserves of $3.1 billion. If the excess reserves equal $400 million, the deposit expansion multiplier equals ________.

Which of the following would not be an expected impact of a debt pay down program?

A reserve requirement of 12.5 percent implies a potential money deposit expansion multiplier of ________.

James Morrison is a profit-seeking banker. His bank has $25 million in excess reserves. Mr. Morrison


How will an unanticipated increase in aggregate demand emanating from an increase in business and consumer optimism influence equilibrium output in the goods and services market?

When an economy is temporarily operating at an output that is less than full - employment capacity, then

Which of the following is most likely to occur in a nation running a current account trade deficit?

Inflation is problematic for all of the following reasons except

If the Fed wanted to use all three of its major monetary control tools to decrease the money supply, it would

An economy is currently in a boom phase. Which of the following is likely to occur?

If an economy is experiencing high unemployment as the result of deficient aggregate demand, according to the Keynesian view which of the following policy alternatives would most likely push the economy to full employment?

Which of the following would not be an expected impact of a hike in across the board taxes with no corresponding increase in government spending?

The interest rate the Federal Reserve changes banking institutions for borrowing funds is called the ________.

In an economy, the Department of Labor has released the following figures:          

Population: 100,000
Full-time employed: 45,000
Part-time employed: 18,000 (averaging one-third work day)
Labor force: 76,000
People above age 16: 83,000

The labor force participation rate, the unemployment rate and employment/population ratio are:

An American-owned McDonald's opens in Russia. How would a Russian citizen's purchase of a hamburger from this store change American GDP and GNP?